Where we work Asia

The Asia-Pacific region, with half the world’s population – and most of the world’s ‘largest’ statistics, challenges us to respond creatively to its many opportunities in planting, strengthening and partnering with churches.

Our diverse teams, from Pakistan in the west, Mongolia in the north, Korea in the east and New Zealand-Australia in the south, are at the cutting edge of discipleship and leadership development, urban ministries, sports & business-based ministries, children & youth and community development. We listen to the voice of Asian and Pacific theologians and leaders. We respond strategically to justice issues, including natural and human disasters.

SIM sending countries, including newer sending contexts such as North-East India and Malaysia, complement established ministries with innovative sending church initiatives.
We have the vision for appropriate, effective, biblically-based ministries and partnerships in the region facilitated by a maturing, gracious leadership, passionate about the whole gospel and with the capacity to fulfil the advance of God’s kingdom