Ministry Vision
SIM Thailand desires to see Thai churches transformed by grace and reaching out to neighbours, both near and far.

Current Ministry
We work in:

  • Church planting: SIM partners with Overseas Missionary Fellowship (OMF) by placing church planters alongside Thai churches in some of the most unreached parts of the country, where only 0.3% of the population are believers.
  • Mission support: We are passionate about MK education, member care, and counselling for the families of cross-cultural mission workers serving across Asia.
  • Church capacity building: We aid local churches as they minister through sports, youth work and HIV & AIDS programmes in our new Siam Impact foundation.

SIM Thailand is also passionate to equip and mobilise Thai believers for missions and we want to build the capacity of local churches in this area. We need labourers to come and work with the Thai church in mentoring and discipleship.
Thailand is also the home of the C-SEA area office serving the region.

Points for prayer

  • Pray for the SIM Thailand director, as he develops relationships with Thai believers.
  • Pray for more church planters while we have freedom to preach the gospel. Most Thai would say they don’t understand the gospel; so we need to reflect deeply and theologically about our task.
  • Pray for clear direction in the area of contextualized church planting, relationship- orientated discipleship and cross-cultural mission ministry.
  • Pray for our new Thai language coaching program; we want to have a robust understanding of the Thai language.
  • Pray for Thai people to know Jesus and his glory.