Welcome to Bolivia

Welcome to Bolivia, the landlocked "heart" of South America whose windswept Altiplano highlands and steamy eastern lowlands are home to one of South America's most indigenous cultures. More than half the population still practices traditional Inca and Aymara religion, which is often mingled with Catholicism. Bolivia is one of the countries in South America least influenced by Protestant Christianity. As the Bolivian Indian Mission (BIM), SIM first entered Bolivia in 1902 through the vision of New Zealander George Allan. Today SIM partners with a large and vibrant church in Bolivia called the Unión Cristiana Evangélica.​


Ministry Vision
The vision for SIM Bolivia is for a thriving missionary family working in partnerships, strengthening the body of Christ in Bolivia, and impacting the Church worldwide. Relying on God, we strengthen local evangelical churches in Bolivia by developing leaders through:

  • Children, youth, and family ministry
  • Evangelism
  • New mission initiatives
  • Quechua ministry
  • Theological education 

Current Ministry

  • We develop new relationships with churches, groups, and organizations to create partnerships, and help long-term projects move towards independence.
  • We reach out to the growing youth population through kids’ clubs, Sunday schools, schools, and camps, as well as through teacher training, discipleship and resources.
  • Carachipampa Christian School (CCS) in Cochabamba is a support to the mission community and also an outreach to Bolivian society.
  • El Alfarero in Sucre is now running independently after 10 years of ministry to university students. El Alfarero Santa Cruz will soon open its doors to serve the 80,000 students in local universities through the café, the counselling centre, and training.
  • We are working alongside Bolivians to plant new churches that will be sources of Light for their communities, and we offer experience and encouragement to Bolivian missionary training programmes, as the Bolivian churches begin to send missionaries.
  • Radio Mosoj Chaski continues to broadcast the Good News to the Quechua, training church leaders in remote areas, hoping to print the entire Quechua Bible in pictorial format.
  • We provide teachers for the UCE seminaries whose graduates will serve in Bolivia and other countries.

Prayer Points

  • Pray for new missionaries for the ministry, especially among the Quechua, children, and youth.
  • Pray for cultural understanding as we work with Bolivians and within our international mission family.
  • Pray for partners in ministry with whom we can most effectively serve to build the Church.
  • Pray for wisdom and grace as we move our projects toward independence.