Welcome to Chile, where nearly 95% of the people are of European descent, while the indigenous Mapuche, Aymara and Rapa Nui retain their distinctive cultures and languages. 

Team's Vision and Ministries
Our goal is a mature and growing Chilean church where believers are becoming more Christ-like and more effective in their ministries:

  • reaching the unreached for Christ.
  • committed to more effective cooperation in kingdom service in Chile, and
  • with more congregations actively involved in worldwide mission,

We are involved in relational evangelism and discipleship, the development of theological education, cooperative evangelistic ministries among the Mapuche, and help to urban children and families at risk.
We aim to forge links among the many existing denominations through interdenominational activities.
We are helping Chilean groups to equip and send out missionaries around the world, especially through the new organisation Provision.