Paraguayans describe their landlocked nation with its strong roots in the Guaraní culture as "The heart of South America". When the first Spanish settlers arrived in the 16th century, the indigenous Guarani people welcomed them. The Spanish made it a policy to inter-marry with the Guaraní, and the two cultures began to meld into one. Today, 95% of the population is classified as "mestizo" or mixed-race.  Spanish and Guaraní are the two official languages of the country, and most people speak both to some degree.

Paraguayans are friendly, welcoming people. They are resourceful, creative and extremely family-oriented. The national drink is an herbal infusion with ice-cold water called tereré. It is common in the summer to see groups of people sitting together and sharing a cup of tereré in the shade of a mango tree. The custom of drinking tereré or mate (the same herb, mixed with boiling-hot water in the winter) is not so much about the drink as it is about spending time with family and friends.

Ministry Vision
We want to see

  • Many thousands of Paraguayans coming to faith in Christ, and growing to become mature Christians
  • A grassroots church planting movement in Paraguay’s interior, through the witness of Paraguayan believers.
  • A Paraguayan missions movement as a partner with us to send missionaries throughout the world

Our Ministries

  • Church Planting and leadership training
  • Multi-media production including radio, and Audio Bibles
  • Christian schools
  • Rural medical care
  • Youth work
  • Culture and language learning

Points for Prayer

  • Spiritual revival, especially in the unreached rural areas where the Guarani language predominates.
  • A growing missionary vision.
  • More missionaries, in particular from Latin America, to Paraguay.
  • God to bless creative new ways to disciple and train rural church leaders through oral methods.
  • The distribution of 100,000 Audio Bibles in Guarani to 100,000 rural households, in order to change a whole generation of Paraguayans.