Welcome to Peru

Welcome to Peru, home of the ancient Inca Empire and culture. Peru is a land of great physical beauty and diversity. Fifty rivers cross the dry, narrow coastal plain to drain the western slopes of the central mountain plateau. The eastern portion of the country is tropical, forming the upper reaches of the vast Amazon River drainage system. 

Ministry Vision
Our goals are

  • To work with the Peruvian churches to establish new churches among unreached communities
  • To strengthen the churches through theological education and through specific training for men, women, youth and children.
  • To show Christ’s love to people in impoverished communities, including urban shanty towns

Our main church partner is the Peruvian Evangelical Church (IEP, Iglesia Evangélica Peruana), and we also work at an inter-denominational level, to network and provide resources for a range of churches. We have a fraternal working relationship with the Lima Evangelical Seminary, the National Council for Evangelicals in Peru (CONEP), and the National Council for Missions (CONAMI).

Unreached People Groups
We are particularly interested in

  • the many towns and villages on the high plateau in the Arequipa area (Quechua)
  • traditional Catholics in the middle and upper classes in the cities of Lima and Arequipa
  • university students, among whom the proportion of evangelicals is lower than any other groups
  • children (50% of Peru’s population is under 18 years of age).