Welcome to Uruguay, officially the Oriental Republic of Uruguay! Over 90% of its population is of European origin. This is the only country in the Western Hemisphere besides Canada that lies entirely outside the tropics. It has the highest percentage of atheists and non-religious people in Latin America and is the most secularized nation in Latin America. However, we are seeing a growing spiritual openness and more opportunities to share Christ. The number of evangelical churches is growing, but most of them are small, with only about 30 members.

Ministry Vision
We want to see:

  • growing numbers of evangelical Christians in the southern coastal region of Uruguay.
  • evangelical churches strengthened through sharing resources, cooperation, and training, so that they witness effectively in their communities.

Current Ministry
We work among people all across society and especially among the growing population of Uruguayans who struggle to meet basic daily needs.
We are building a Ministry & Training Centre which will be used to train leaders from many Uruguayan churches. We will promote excellence in children’s and youth ministry, mission sending, and pastoral care in order to build up the local church and encourage cooperation and unity.

We help churches through children’s work, Bible studies, Marriage Encounters, providing programmes and equipment for local Christian radio stations, promoting the sending of Latin missionaries, and providing resources for evangelism and discipleship.

Unreached People Groups
Eastern Montevideo is the fastest growing area of the country and only a small proportion of the middle and upper classes have had the gospel presented to them in a clear way. The middle class neighbourhoods in this part of the city hold the greatest concentration of unreached people in Latin America.